We Make History.


Pedro Cabrita Reis, , 2014
Aluminum, fluorescent lighting, electrical wire
The Power Plant, Toronto, 2014

It’s always a great time working with the crew at The Power Plant and it was a special privilege to be directed by acclaimed Portuguese artist, Pedro Cabrita Reis in his construction of ‘A Broken Line’
The core of this massive floor to ceiling installation was created by assembling aluminum stock to create an art structure. That’s where Maker Sculpture came in. As Pedro chose locations for the aluminum bar, we TIG welded the work into its place on site. Lying sideways on the floor, up 20 feet in a scissor lift, squatting, bending, leaning, maneuvering around wood, all while welding on angles that our TIG torch never though it could...all in the name of art!
Once satisfied the aluminum welding was complete, strong and in place, the Power Plant team moved in and attached the plywood and fluorescent lighting that really made this monumental installation come to life! 
Challenging and fun, we can hardly wait to do that again! Come visit us again soon Pedro!
Special thanks to The Power Plant for commissioning this project, and to Pedro Cabrita Reis for educating us on what makes life worth living: art, fine wine and cigars!