We Make History.


MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES can provide you with full welding and metal fabrication for indoor, outdoor, private and public applications, monuments and sculptures.
Creating one of a kind works is what we do best!  Our certified welders and artistic metal workers can make any idea you have come to fruition. Whether a purely artistic art installation (like the one we did with Pedro Cabrita Reis at The Power Plant), or a functional yet beautiful item like sculptural rose trellises, (take a look at our portfolio!), we understand and balance artistic needs with structural integrity.
We also enjoy designing and fabricating elements for sculptures and installation, such as custom mount making for museum pieces, as well as working with artists’ designs to create that custom armature for their next big project!


ART WELDING (In Shop or Off Site)
MAKER SCULPTURE provides expert TIG welding for art related projects. If the need arises we also offer SMAW welding for steel works.
Welding alloys include bronze, copper, stainless, aluminum and mild steels. We offer this as both an in house and on-site service. Our trained and certified welding technicians are properly insured and have boom and lift operation tickets. 

MAKER SCULPTURE loves designing and executing fabricated sculptures and 3D parts! Be it purely aesthetic or providing a function,  these creative, one of a kind projects are what we are here for. whether it’s a large scale public artwork, or a custom sculptural gate, fence or railing, we can build your design, or create our own.
We also lend our fabrication skills to galleries, museums, individual artists and collectors for building mounts and stands to display 3D objects. 

Sometimes, the way you display something can make a huge difference! Thats why artists, museums, galleries, and collectors trust us with custom fabricating metal mounts and display systems for their most important works. Working from provided designs, or developing our own, we make professional, reliable mounts.

Finishing services include blending, as well as mirror, satin, and patina preparation techniques on bronze or stainless steel.
We also provide inline stainless steel specific finishing. We can work with any grade of fabricated or cast stainless steel and have dedicated tools and techniques for this medium. From buffed to satin, or all the way to a sparkling, mirror polish, we do it all! And, by applying subsequent passivation when needed,  we ensure your metal stains less!

MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES provides superior quality patination and colouration services. It is included with our foundry castings, but we can exclude it if you prefer to do it yourself.
Patina is a forced surface oxidation of metal, resulting in a protective, coloured, barrier coat.
It is a surface treatment obtained through the skilled, controlled use of chemicals and heat to achieve desired surface colours. 
At Maker, our patineurs can provide you with a custom patina, or you can choose from any one of our wide range of samples. We can help you chose a patina based on surface texture and detail, longevity, handling, location and atmospheric conditions, and of course, visual appeal!!!
Bronze is the ideal metal to patinate, and our silicon alloy, combined with expert preparation and finishing allow for the widest range of colours. We do both indoor and outdoor patinas, and have developed a unique system of patinating stainless steel!