​Saunders Schultz, 2015

lost wax cast 316 stainless steel, polished and satined

Caleres Headquarters

(formally Brown's Shoe Company)

St. Louis Missouri



We Make History.

 Saunders Schultz came to us with an big sculptural idea that others said was impossible to construct.  A few years later, we were able to prove the others wrong, executing his 'impossible' project with great success!

Sculptor Saunders Schultz and Architect Ted Wooford were commissioned to revive the exterior headquarters of Browns Shoe Company of St Louis, Missouri. Brown's was rebranding into Caleres, and the building had to be reflective of  their new brand image. 

Ted's design included a monumental sculpture by Saunders Schultz as a focal point. As they began organizing contractors for the project they became aware that they could not find a company that would be willing to make the artwork! Impossible, or so they were told! 

Thankfully an acquaintance of Saunders directed him our way, and we assured him that the project, though very tough, was one we could do it!

 So Ted and Saunders jumped on a plane from St. Louis to our Toronto studio! We went over the designs and the plans, and Saunders left us with a small 5" maquette us to start with.

We transformed the maquette into a 9' x 6' x 6" stainless steel sculpture. We enlarged the work, made a mould, cast the sculpture (in many pieces!) welded it all back together seamlessly, and polished the inside and, satin finished the outside.

Sitting at 2400 lb, the sculpture, 'Continuum',  was installed on top of a black granite fountain  and unveiled to St. Louis to an eager crowd!

​Ted Wooford and Saunders Schultz did an incredible job on the project, and we are happy to be the only ones who would make their vision a reality. Calers Headquarters now looks just as good as their shoes!