We Make History.


MAKER SCULPTURE provides high quality sculptural design services to art related industries and art enthusiasts.
Need a sculptural element for you home or workplace? Want to commemorate an individual or event with a bronze monument? Care to create a custom award or gift? MAKER will work with your ideas to design a sculptural piece specifically for your needs. 
After assessing your requirements, MAKER will present a design concept to you. Depending on the complexity of the concept a physical model or maquette can be made to better visualize the object in 3D and to make modifications before production.
MAKER SCULPTURE has the advantage over other design services, in that our team can bring your work to fruition from conception through to installation. No need to spend your valuable time going from designer, to sculptor, to model maker, to production house, to foundry, to installer, etc. MAKER is THE complete technical sculptural service company, which means one stop shopping, and way less grey hair for you.


After consulting with you about your plans and your site, and developing a design direction, we will create a drawing to better visualize the concept. 
Often these drawing are created and utilized in presentations to a board of directors planning a public artwork on their property, or to a community preparing for fundraising for their new memorial artwork.
We use these drawings to communicate with other contractors on projects, such as when we do fountain works and need to relay to the architect our mounting requirements.
And when we say drawings, we mean drawings! By hand! We feel we can best translate and understand the project that way, but if required, we can later transfer the “sketches” to computer renderings. We told you we were artists!

With a concept and drawing approved, MAKER can fashion a working model of a design for presentation or as a pattern for production.
After assessing your design requirements, we will create a physical model or maquette that can be made to better visualize the object in 3D. Modifications can be made to the model for presentation or production purposes.​​