We Make History.


MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES specializes in lost wax cast bronze and stainless steel for sculptural monuments, and public art.
With over 15 years of experience in commercial art casting, monument making and teaching the art of lost wax casting, we are your go to Canadian art foundry! Just ask The McMichael Canadaina Art Collection, or the Canadian Conservation Institute. Both have had us present the art of lost wax casting and related subjects at their industry events.
And when we say we are Canadian we mean it, and take pride in it. We do not have any ties to, nor do we out source to offshore or out of country foundries. 
Our company is comprised of highly skilled artist technicians. The advantage of using an art foundry run by artists is that we understand your needs, and deliver each project with passion and a refined eye for detail.
Whether you are an artist looking to cast a personal or commissioned work, or a CEO looking to have a work designed and cast for a corporate location, we assist you every step of the way.
Maker Sculpture provides full foundry services in bronze and stainless steel for indoor and outdoor, private and public applications.


The Maker team are masters of the art of lost wax casting!
The ‘Cadillac’ of metal casting techniques, we utilize modern methods in this ancient practice, producing the highest quality of castings. From miniature to monumental, we can reproduce details down to a fingerprint.
The process is time consuming, but the final results are worth it. We are a full service, fully Canadian, lost wax facility and we love casting your ideas in bronze and stainless steel! 
Check out our portfolio, you’ll likely see something you recognize!

We provide expert metal finishing services with our foundry casting.
Finishing services include blending, as well as mirror, satin, and patina preparation techniques on bronze or stainless steel.
We also provide inline stainless steel specific finishing. We can work with any grade of fabricated or cast stainless steel and have dedicated tools and techniques for this medium. From buffed to satin, or all the way to a sparkling, mirror polish, we do it all! And, by applying subsequent passivation when needed,  we ensure your metal stains less!

MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES provides superior quality patination and colouration services. It is included with our foundry castings, but we can exclude it if you prefer to do it yourself.
Patina is a forced surface oxidation of metal, resulting in a protective, coloured, barrier coat.
It is a surface treatment obtained through the skilled, controlled use of chemicals and heat to achieve desired surface colours. 
At Maker, our patineurs can provide you with a custom patina, or you can choose from any one of our wide range of samples. We can help you chose a patina based on surface texture and detail, longevity, handling, location and atmospheric conditions, and of course, visual appeal!!!
Bronze is the ideal metal to patinate, and our silicon alloy, combined with expert preparation and finishing allow for the widest range of colours. We do both indoor and outdoor patinas, and have developed a unique system of patinating stainless steel!