We Make History.


Marina Guglielm, 2014
Sculptural Rose Trellises
fabricated steel, brass, bronze
Richmond Hill, Ontario, 2014




It’s always exciting to do a project that is not only beautiful, but has a utilitarian function! We like working within the parameters set out by our clients and have fun doing so.
‘The Four Seasons’ was the requested theme for a series of four individual rose trellises for a private garden. The four separate beds sit close together to each other, so the sculptural works needed to relate to one another. The beds can be viewed from from multiple areas in the residence, so the client wanted something that the Roses could climb on in the Summer, but in the winter an artistic work would be exposed.
The key was to design and build works within a set size and theme, that were elegant, artistic, functional and enhanced the garden setting, but did not compete with the Roses, which are the focal point of this area of the property. 
Marina worked through a variety of concepts and created a design that worked within all of the parameters. It was approved by the client, and went into production. We hand made these four, one of a kind art works through metal fabrication. It’s quite the task to form, shape, bend, texturize, cut and weld all that metal, but it was worth it! We finished the work by faceting some details for a jewel like quality, and applying a rich patina and protective UV resistant coating. 
We got two big, green-thumbs up for this one!