We Make History.


A sculpture is a lot like us. Though often innately resilient and durable, a little love and care can go a long way to increasing longevity, and looking darn good!
Like Doctors, we at MAKER develop and execute maintenance plans geared to your public art or sculptural collection, its use, and its environment. This assists in keeping , or even increasing, the sculpture’s monetary worth, as well as the value of the property the work is located on. This is of a particular concern for developers and condominium boards.  
These regularly scheduled maintenance plans help us to assess any issues that may be growing over time, and can serve to avoid a possibly painful restoration bill. Think of it like a yearly physical! However, like those us us who ignored our saturday morning yoga classes and cleansing smoothies, a full restoration may be needed! Let us know! We’re certified sculpture “surgeons” and we’re here to help!!!
Maker Sculpture is fully insured for on site work, and our technicians hold certifications in boom and lift operations. No project is out of our reach!

We want your work to look its best! Thats why we supply  high quality maintenance services to artists, art related industries, and art enthusiasts in private, public and corporate sectors.
The maintenance of sculptural work is vital to the longevity of the finish and the work’s overall visual  appeal. It keeps the work looking its best, which maintains or increases its value and that of the property around it. MAKER can be called in to maintain artwork at anytime, or we can work together to create a maintenance schedule that balances the needs of the sculpture in its environment. 
Regular maintenance can reduce or eliminate the need for full restoration and repair. It will save money in the long term, and keeps the work looking in its prime, which makes you look great too!

MAKER TECHNICAL SCULPTURE SERVICES provides high quality restoration services to artists, art related industries and art enthusiasts. Areas of expertise include heritage restoration and replacement for the private, public and corporate sectors.
At MAKER, the techniques and materials utilized for specific services are adapted to best suit each project. We work with  historical societies as well as other companies’ contractors to get the job done right. We can manage the restoration of an entire project, or execute elements within, such as with the restoration of The Prince’s Gates in Toronto. We managed the mould making portion of the project and developed a technique for making moulds capable of holding the multiple tons of concrete that were poured into them.
Aside from sculptural restoration, we work on architectural details and components, as well as decorative arts. We make worn things beautiful again! MAKER can restore sculptural works to their original finish, or replace damaged works to their original intention. Mediums covered include bronze, steel, gypsum materials, cements and more.