We know our stuff.
Thats why were counted on by artists, galleries, and corporations to provide them with the best advice and smoothest running projects ever!
Whether consulting with conservators who have questions about how certain patinas could have been achieved, or artists who need to know about the production scope of a potential commission, we’re  always glad to help, and we have the expertise and experience to do so properly.
We also work with public and private bodies to realize effective sculptural art installations through our Project Management services. Commissioning a larger or monumental work can be daunting. There are a lot of things to consider, including facilitating workflow to ensure things are on time and on budget, and coordinating all bodies involved. Why burden yourself when we can take care of everything? We’re a one stop shop, so you don’t have to run around. Plus, we speak artist


People often don’t realize just how complicated organizing a temporary or permanent art installation can be. Those that do, hire us.
We’re a one stop shop, who can design, manage and execute your project in its entirety.  We work with the artist of your choice, or will recommend one to you. Maker Sculpture has close ties with all of the bodies that come together to realize huge sculpture projects. We do the making and shaking, so you don’t have to.

You’ve heard it before, “Ask the expert!”, and when it comes to anything sculptural, that would be us. We draw upon our years of diverse experience to give you advice that will actually help. 
If you need practice based information on material or design choices, structure/mounting, budgetary considerations, or the ever popular “Who do you think made this thing?”, our consultation service can guide you.

We Make History.