We Make History.


The MAKER SCULPTURE studio often seems like Alice’s Wonderland: some things once small are huge, and big things have grown tiny!
Our resizing services allow works to be created in any size. This is useful for artists with smaller studios or limited dexterity to create pieces on a small scale, and have them enlarged to the size of the commission. Countering that, we have clients, often corporate, who require the opposite done. A landmark sculpture related to their company can reduced to give away as awards or retirement gifts.
Whichever direction you are going, our team assess each project individually and decides what technique for resizing we are going to use.  At MAKER, we perform hand enlarging methods using traditional sculptural techniques, as well as 3D scanning and digitizing combined with CNC and/or rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. Either way, we come in and refine everything by hand. Computers are good, but not as good as us!


The most commonly requested of our resizing options, enlarging makes an item bigger than it once was.

We’ve been provided with 5” maquettes and had to make them into 9’ monuments! Fun stuff!
Once a maquette is provided or manufactured, we can make it as large as you like.

Reducing a 3D work is often harder than enlarging, so it’s a good thing we love challenges!
When a reduction is requested, the original work is most often monumental in stature and not able to be moved to our shop. Depending on the project and complexity, we hand reduce the piece from images, hand model on site, or scan the work. We prefer the latter two because we get to travel!