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Unveiled by The Lieutenant Governor in a moving ceremony including a Vice Regal Salute, a Cadet Parade, and dignitaries from across Canada, Adrienne Alison’s sculpture of ‘Sir Arthur Currie’ is a fitting tribute to Canada’s first and greatest General.
Adrienne Alison studied the life and work of the man she was commissioned to portray, before coming up with her bigger than life sized design that she sculpted in wet clay.
“Currie was a real strategist, so I've got his binoculars, which are a metaphor for looking forward and looking out. And he's got one foot up. I wanted him moving forward. He was always at the front too. The other generals were 30 miles back; he was right up front with the men.” -Adrienne Alison
When Adrienne and her commissioners were satisfied with the clay model, Maker Sculpture met Adrienne in her studio and began the on-site process for  the production mould. Once complete, we brought the mould back to our shop, reproduced a wax replica from it, cast the wax in bronze, reassembled and finished the metal, and patinated the final work a striking deep bronze tone that Adrienne choose to represent the grounded strength of this iconic Canadian.
We always love working with Adrienne, and are very proud to have been involved with the memorial sculpture of this great hero.

Bronze Statues


Adrienne Alison, 2014
7’ 4” bronze, on granite
Strathroy, Ontario