We Make History.

'Superorganism 2'

Yshia Wallace, 2015

One Park Place, Toronto

porcelain, fishing wire, stainless steel



Yshia has been developing the 'Superorganism' series for a number of years.

We were there, watching Yshia sculpt hundreds and hundreds of tiny little porcelain figures, each by hand, and we had the pleasure of witnessing the work in its different forms, in different venues.

When Yshia was commissioned to create a 'Superorganism' for the lobby of One Park Place, a private condominium in Toronto, she came to us to create a functional and beautiful mount for her work.

Yshia designed a stainless steel mounting structure that ties the artwork into the esthetic of the environment of the condo lobby.

We fabricated the mount out of 304 stainless steel, and gave it a sleek, contemporary, satin finish.

The sculptural installation is a big hit (or a million little hits, depending on how you look at it)!