We Make History.

In 2011, a massive restoration project was undertaken to restore the iconic Prince’s Gates, a landmark monument on Toronto’s scenic waterfront.
At 85 years old, the concrete Gates were showing some severe sign of wear and age. Some of the elements were able to be restored, and other sculptural and decorative architectural elements had to be completely replaced.
Maker Sculpture lead the mould making portion of the restoration replacement. We successfully designed and implemented a plan that enable the works to be recast in one piece, meaning our production moulds had to be strong enough to hold up to 14 tons of concrete!  
It was an exciting technical challenge, and it meant a lot to us to be able to work on these Ontario Heritage Act designated, “historically significant works”. They are right down the street from our shop, so we have the pleasure of being able to monitor them daily. Looking darn good too, (if we dare say so ourselves)!


The Prince’s Gates 
Restoration Project
Exhibition Place, Toronto Ontario, 2011