MARINA GUGLIELMI, Principal Sculptor, Lead Technician

Marina has been working in the sculpture field for over 15 years as an artist, a foundry technician, museum/gallery preparator, and  arts educator.  Marina has  worked with a variety of artists, arts related industries, and art enthusiasts, utilizing her technical knowledge and ability to help make creative visions a 3D reality. Though working with a variety of media masterfully, her expertise is in lost wax casting, specifically silicon bronze. Marina has worked on a wide array of iconic projects, miniature to monumental, that have been installed across North America.
Marina Guglielmi is also a practicing sculptor and exhibits extensively. She has won several awards for her work, and is an elected member of The Sculptors Society of Canada. Marina holds affiliations with many arts and industry organizations and believes in establishing and reinforcing the rights of Canadian Artists.

who we are

We are a Toronto based art foundry and fabrication studio.

Our specialty is in the production of  sculpture, monuments and Public Art , with a  penchant towards unique, non traditional contemporary casting  projects .

Our name connects us to the lineage of skilled artists and craftspeople that left their imprint,  shaped cultures, and made things really, really well.

​Our company unites skill and imagination with hard work and determination to build larger than life art projects.
Together, we create visual excitement through sculptural excellence.
Together,  We Make History.

Cassandra is a designer–maker–artist–educator–creator–activist–cyclist–photographer–travel enthusiast–heavy lifter and most importantly, foodie. 
A graduate from OCAD, with a Master’s from Lund University, Sweden, Cassandra loves making things. Currently part of KARCASS, she and Kara focus on the re-purposing of old and found objects into furniture. Cassandra brings her skills to the table when working with Maker Sculpture by assisting with our graphics and events, is our in house Apple Genius and most importantly our lunch consultant! We’re excited to have her as part of the team to continue her journey in making beautiful things, and our goal of Making History.

TYLER BALKO, Operations Manager, Lead Assistant Technician

Tyler claims he is a wizard, who hatched from an egg laid in 1910.
However, we met his mother and she assures us that the 18 hours of labour she endured in 1982 were not due to a magical, old egg, but in fact due to a Lego obsessed infant.
What we know to be true is that Tyler wields a 1500 watt grinder with powerful precision (he’s named it ‘Wanda’), and that years of Lego brick building have made him our go to guy for construction strategy.
A skilled metal finisher, mould maker, welder and 3D certification holder, he also takes care of the fun stuff; videos, social media, and DJ to all our events.
On his off time, you can find Tyler crafting some “killer” hot sauce from peppers he grows, spinning a set on his turn-tables or, of course, building Lego.

EGON Von Tortenstein XIII
Egon, our giant African Spur Thighed Tortoise, embodies the personality of a hundred angry, old men, and he was only born at the turn of this century!!
A terror on the shop floor, Egon's primary responsibility is keeping the team in line and on time. Though his motivation for slave driving is mostly to ensure a consistent supply of fancy lettuces and exotic fruit dinners, he also has a passion for art work that has been modelled after himself. 
In recent years he has ‘inspired’ us to create a large vegetable garden outside of our urban Toronto studio, that seems to grow larger every year. While Egon enjoys the bounty of our edible landscape, he unfortunately is no longer allowed to roam free in it unattended. No one expected that the crotchety tort could be such a holy terror, but when his gluttonous consumption peaks his chlorophyll levels he...well, he gets a little crazy. Crazy and fast! Eventually we did manage to get our grumpy foreman back, but to this day we are unsure of the mischief he may have shelled out.
A true advantage to the team, just don't get on his bad side.

Kara is by far the calmest and most laid back of the bunch. We’re not sure how she does it considering she has to put up with the rest of us!
Since attending the design program at OCAD, Kara has been very busy utilizing her multi-faceted skill sets with several utilitarian design firms, running a furniture company, KARCASS, installing exhibitions at MOCCA, and of course bringing her zen and expertise to Maker Sculpture. Kara is proficient in CAD and Sketchup, is excellent with product/interior design and spatial planning, and is a highly skilled woodworker.
In her ‘spare’ time she can be found tye-dying t's, making cool jewelry, crafting  masterful cocktails, and renovating a cottage. She is a modern day renaissance woman!

We Make History.


Mark is one of our team members that make the rest of us wonder what we do with our time! 
His technical background is in construction, deconstruction and industrial design and having worked in a variety fields honing his skills our creative entrepreneurial  friend couldn't deny his true calling anymore, and went into the field of design and innovation. His passion and skills created a lethal combination that has made him highly sought after for artistic design, commercial interiors, sets, and productions. He has been refining a beautiful collection of hand crafted furniture, as well as a series of inventions revolutionary to industrial purposes. Mark’s solid construction foundation, eye for design, love of sanding things baby butt smooth, and ability to think outside the box are just some of the reasons he is such an asset to Maker Sculpture. He also makes a mean pot of coffee....or ten.